Leather is the best material for shoes. Very few materials can match its properties in terms comfort, strength, ability to mould to the foot, easy care and breathability.

Quality leathers doen´t contains toxic materials.
Leather is a sustainable product, the raw material is generated renewably. The manufacturing processing is done with good environmental controls has minimal impact and leather’s full life cycle has the lowest carbon when analyzing the durability of the product.

Leather degrades better than synthetic materials. Leather is rich in carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen. In the biosphere leather will break down much faster than synthetic materials.
Petrochemical based materials are relatively inert and are relatively poor in nutrients for bacteria and fungi.

Finally, real leather articles are durable. Consumers verify that there is a big difference between leather and leather alternatives when it comes to durability. Very few leather alternatives can match the durability and performance of high-quality leather.

The skins that we use come from animal that aren't raised to make leather, is a by-product of the meat industry.