I was born in Ubrique province of Cádiz, Spain. In the sierra of the white towns, my family has a small leather goods factory. From my childhood, I connected to the world of crafts and natural materials. I kept these origins always present even after moving to Barcelona, to study fashion and textile design at IED.

After working as a designer of handbags and shoes for national and international brands, I decided to launch my own project designed in Barcelona with production in Elda and Ubrique, Spain. Our items are produced in family factories dedicated to hand craftsmanship for generations. Expert hands that give soul to our shoes. 

The leather works requires a specialized dedicated artesanal process. From the design, the selection of the qualities, the manufacture and the finishes. It is very important for EVA VS. MARIA achieve the best quality through the human commitment that gives meaning to our work. 

The brand, EVA VS. MARIA combines two of the most important roles of women throughout history; an object of desire, and the incarnation of divinity. Eva represents desire, while Mary represents Divinity. Eva, is the outside of the shoe, the attractive and seductive part, while Maria represents craftsmanship and love for work.

 "Eva is the swing and Maria the melody"